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I love, love to take pictures and I love photography. I can remember wanting to be a photographer when I was little girl, plastering my walls with pictures from magazines. And I think it was this picture, of my cousin in Pismo Beach during a massive wild fire in Atascadero, that I took when I was fifteen that sparked my passion to capture magical images.

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I went to University of California at Santa Cruz. Majored in black and white photography, developed my own film and spent hours and hours in the dark room developing my own prints. Fell in love with it. Carried my grandfather’s old Minolta around everywhere I went. Moved to Hawaii and for a brief time was a photography intern for the Honolulu Weekly. Lived in a tree house on the North Shore of Oahu where I learned to surf and dove for puka shells. Then got into editing. I mixed videos for skydivers at Skydive Hawaii and then moved back to California and edited a couple of TV shows.

I’ve settled in Temecula. I have great taste in husbands and together we make beautiful baby girls.

My favorite way to shoot is outside, combining people with the landscape. I’m always searching for beautiful spots around town. I love natural light but I love to set up in the studio too.

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