Meet Alexa, a sweet 9 year old who recently started modeling. I love working with kids this age, old enough so I’m not chasing them around like a crazy woman but not a big girl yet either. Kids are so natural in their posing too, it’s my favorite part about taking pictures with kiddos.

ALEXA WEBSIZED Alexa  Temecula Children Photographer

AlexaWEBCollage Alexa  Temecula Children Photographer

The other day I had the privilege of shooting a maternity session with my good friend. I took my girls and we drove up to the beautiful, middle of nowhere where she lives with her family on three acres. I had never been up there before and was planning on doing mostly inside shots but as I was driving the long windy road to her house I knew we had to go outside too. I love this gal and her family- I have so many fun memories with her and the kiddos have grown up together, this shoot was fun too, following the sun, sinking in gopher holes…. and she is such a gorgeous mama!!!

Margarita CollageWEB Beautiful Mama  Temecula Photographer

Margarita 003 WEB Beautiful Mama  Temecula Photographer

Margarita 1WindowWEB Beautiful Mama  Temecula Photographer

It’s been so busy, busy around here. November is a crazy month, lots of family shoots so not much time to blog. These are from yesterday, these girls I have shot before a couple of times and I just love them.

DalbergGirls WEB Three Sisters  Temecula Childrens Photographer

And this one just had to be black and white.

Kayla D 002BW WEB Three Sisters  Temecula Childrens Photographer

Zoe Hat Collage Little Sassy  Temecula Childrens Photographer

I love this family. I have known them for years, my daughter has grown up with one of theirs, we wanted to do something fun, little different looking. So I knew it would be perfect to have my dad’s ’59 VW bus in this session. This bus is my dad’s baby, it’s been a long labor of love for him to restore it and he was so excited for me to use it, a little scared too. I actually heard him whisper “Please come back in one piece” hahaha. And it did and we had a great time. More to come.

Noon 001 WEB1 A peek of the coolest family ever  Temecula Photographer

October 31, 2012 Happy Halloween!!!!

We love Halloween over here! Here are our costumes…..

DiaDeLosMuertosWEB Happy Halloween!!!!


October 27, 2012 Skull Pirate

Kayla the gorgeous Skull Pirate from the Halloween Sessions.

KaylaPirate WEB Skull Pirate

I hung out with Wonder Woman the other day! And a couple of pirates, and Elmo and Mickey Mouse. The costumes were so cute and the kids were even cuter. Very excited for Halloween!

Emma 001 WEB Halloween Mini Peek!  Temecula Childrens Photographer

I’m calling these pictures “Sullen Girls at the Pumpkin Patch” or this is what you get when you bring the big camera, mom. Poor things, but they had a great time. They rode ponies, went through a corn maze, all that good Pumpkin Patch stuff. But as soon as I lift up the camera this is what I get. All the other kid’s are saying “Cheese!!!” with big smiles and even though I never tell kids to say cheese, I’d expect a little something. And this place is so cool! I guess it is annoying to here “just real quick, the light is perfect….right there, want to catch the sun flare….stay there….!” But I secretly like these pictures too. Little different, not fake big cheese smiles….. The last one I love, it’s my daughter and her best friend.

Bates 1WEB Sullen Girls at the Pumpkin Patch

Bates 2WEB Sullen Girls at the Pumpkin Patch

Bates 3WEB Sullen Girls at the Pumpkin Patch

Bates 4WEB Sullen Girls at the Pumpkin Patch

Bates 5WEB Sullen Girls at the Pumpkin Patch


October 18, 2012 The Apple

I wasn’t planning on doing any Halloween sessions at all but I was at the grocery store and I saw this apple. It was so red and perfect, I instantly thought of Snow White and my kiddo’s old costume from when she was three. She picked the barefoot look and told me Snow White was scared in the forest so “no smileys mom”.  She called the shots the entire time and since I love this location so, so much I decided to have one day for a costumes session.

SnowWhite WEB1 461x1024 The Apple

SnowWhite WEB2 397x1024 The Apple

SnowWhite WEB3 346x1024 The Apple

SnowWhite WEB4 384x1024 The Apple

SnowWhite WEB5 477x1024 The Apple