March 20, 2013 Spring is Here!

Spring has sprung! Spring is my absolute favorite time of the year and wild flowers are one of my favorite things ever. We were driving the other day and I made my hubby pull over to this amazing wild flower patch that went on for days. I took a lot of pictures with my phone but I was itchin’ to go back. Sometimes the flowers go so quickly and I didn’t want to miss them. So we went back yesterday. Full sun and haze but it didnt matter, not when the field looks like this. My little wild one was most impressed by the poppies, she had to find every one.

ZoeWild WEB1 Spring is Here!

ZoeWild WEB2 Spring is Here!

ZoeWild WEB3 Spring is Here!

ZoeWild WEB4 Spring is Here!

ZoeWild WEB5 Spring is Here!

March 19, 2013 Ace Hotel and Bela

I had the most amazing time in New York! I love that city! So much life, and the buildings and the food! The delis! I was in heaven. I actually got on the plane with a stomach bug I caught from my little one- I even drove to the airport with a bowl next to me- yuck! But I made it and was ok and had the time of my life. I’m already planning my next trip.

We stayed at the Ace Hotel in Mid Town. Really cool place but pitch black inside, black walls even. But it fit this shoot- this is Bela. The daughter of the team behind the coolest ever clothing line Misha Lulu. Bela has an amazing style, she is worlds older than her age and dressed herself for this. More to come on the Babiekins blog but I had to share a few.

Bela 001 WEB SIZE logo Ace Hotel and Bela

Bela 012 WEB Sized Ace Hotel and Bela


March 19, 2013 Ruby

Love this one. We used her for something coming up soon and I had to pull her aside and get a couple shots for myself. The freckles! The hair!

Ruby 004 BW WEB Ruby



February 28, 2013 Spring is Coming

Kaya Carrots WEB Spring is Coming

February 25, 2013 The Blue Dress

A dear friend gave her this blue dress. And she refuses to take it off. It’s my friend’s birthday today so yesterday I told her we just had to show her how much we love her and her generosity. Happy Birthday P!!

Zoe Flower 1 WEB The Blue Dress

Zoe Flower 2 WEB The Blue Dress

ZoeFlower 3 WEB The Blue Dress


February 21, 2013 Suburbia

I shot a special project today and when it was done I took A outside just for fun. I just can’t get over this girl.

AlanaStreet WEB2 Suburbia

AlanaStreet WEB1 Suburbia

February 20, 2013 Because She Loves Pink

Zoe Dots WEB Because She Loves Pink

February 14, 2013 Happy Happy!!

Valentines WEB Happy Happy!!

My editorial of Alana is up on the Babiekins blog- check it out

FASHIONKINS :: The Band Jacket

As editors, we are obsessed with fashion and style, and as mothers, we know how important it is to find affordable clothing and to be able to create multiple looks with just a few items.  Over at Babiekins, we want you to know that it is possible to stylish without buying all designer clothing and that by mixing and matching a few articles of clothing, you can create multiple (and very different) looks for your little one.

Alana 017 WEB Band Jacket  Babiekins Blog

February 12, 2013 Valentine’s Day Fun

ValentinesMaskCollage WEB Valentines Day Fun