September 13, 2013 Sneak Peek Cali Surf Girls

Just a little peek of a session I did a while ago and finally am getting around to edit. And I want to finish it before summer ends, even though out here summer lasts a lot longer. I loved hanging out with these girls at the beach in Encinitas. 

Lyndsay WEB 1 Sneak Peek Cali Surf Girls

Lyndsay WEB 2 Sneak Peek Cali Surf Girls


August 14, 2013 Tutus and Sunshine

Shoot with Heather Rome styling at an industrial part of Westmister Cali. It’s actually at my grandpa’s workshop. With very harsh sun that I was loving. But it went along with the hard setting and the soft clothes so I wasn’t even on the hunt for shade. I love the shadows and the blue, blue sky. With some black and white love too. I couldn’t resist.

 PZ 01 WEB Tutus and Sunshine

PZ 02 WEB Tutus and Sunshine

PZ 03 WEB Tutus and Sunshine

PZ Collage1 Tutus and Sunshine

PZ Collage2 Tutus and Sunshine

July 26, 2013 Jace

Outtakes from Print 2. This was fun to do but I felt bad for sweet little Jace. It was the end of the day, she was tired and we had her under these hot lights trying to get a silly face. The only thing keeping her going was Taylor Swift on repeat.

Styling by Heather Rome, Creative Direction by Priscila Barros

Jace 003 Edit 1 copy Jace

Jace 4 copy Jace

July 26, 2013 Camping Inside

From Babiekins Print 2. Bring the camp site indoors!

Styling by Heather Rome, Set design by Danni Remender, Amy Fjeldsted and Steffi Weigand

Trends Camp 002 copy Camping Inside

Trends Camp 003 WEB1 Camping Inside

Ace Ace Hotel NYC Babiekins Issue 12

Bela 002 WEB SIZE Ace Hotel NYC Babiekins Issue 12

Bela 003 WEB SIZE Ace Hotel NYC Babiekins Issue 12

Bela 004 WEB SIZE Ace Hotel NYC Babiekins Issue 12

Bela 006 WEB SIZE Ace Hotel NYC Babiekins Issue 12

Bela 008 WEB SIZE Ace Hotel NYC Babiekins Issue 12

Bela 009 WEB SIZE Ace Hotel NYC Babiekins Issue 12

Bela 010 WEB SIZE Ace Hotel NYC Babiekins Issue 12

Bela 011 WEB SIZE Ace Hotel NYC Babiekins Issue 12

Bela 012 WEB SIZE Ace Hotel NYC Babiekins Issue 12

Bela 013 WEB SIZE Ace Hotel NYC Babiekins Issue 12

Bela 001 WEB SIZE logo Ace Hotel NYC Babiekins Issue 12

Here are some you might have seen and some you haven’t from the new Babiekins Digital Issue 12. I am so excited and honored to have shot the cover. This is Cohen, our little cover contest winner in one of my favorite spots ever. I’m counting down the days until next spring to go there again. Styling by Heather Rome and Creative Direction by Priscila Barros.

Picture 3 1024x556 Babiekins Issue 12

Cohen 1 WEB1 Babiekins Issue 12

Cohen 7 WEB2 Babiekins Issue 12

Cohen 8 WEB3 Babiekins Issue 12

Cohen 10 WEB4 Babiekins Issue 12

Cohen 11 WEB6 Babiekins Issue 12

Cohen 12 WEB5 Babiekins Issue 12

Cohen 14 WEB7 Babiekins Issue 12

Cohen 15 WEB8 Babiekins Issue 12

Cohen 18 WEB9 Babiekins Issue 12

Cohen 19 WEB10 Babiekins Issue 12

Cohen 21 WEB11 Babiekins Issue 12

Cohen 22 WEB12 Babiekins Issue 12

Cohen 23 WEB13 Babiekins Issue 12

Cohen 26 WEB14 Babiekins Issue 12

Cohen 27 WEB15 Babiekins Issue 12

Cohen 28 WEB16 Babiekins Issue 12

Cohen 29 WEB17 Babiekins Issue 12

Cohen 30 WEB18 Babiekins Issue 12

Cohen 32 WEB19 Babiekins Issue 12

Cohen Butterfly WEB Babiekins Issue 12

July 6, 2013 Fourth of July

Hope everyone had a fun 4th of July! I’m kind of late with this one but our day was spent with friends swimming, bbq’ing and watching a movie outside cuddled in blankets. Summer is the best.

4thJuly WEB Fourth of July

June 28, 2013 Have you heard?

Have you heard the news? Its so exciting, Babiekins Print Issue 2 is out and is popping up on store shelves all over the country. You can find it at Barnes and Noble, Target and Books a Million. Let me know where you find it too!

Gracyn WEb Have you heard?

June 26, 2013 Cousins

Last weekend we took out my dad’s ’59 Volkswagon Bus to do a shoot with him for Father’s Day. He’s a born and raised So Cal boy, back when there were orange groves everywhere. He tells us stories about playing hide and seek in them with his brother and hit oranges with his baseball bat. There are still a few groves around and we found a perfect spot. Still working on them, but here are some of the cousins.

Bus 001 1 Cousins

Bus 004 2 Cousins

Bus 005 3 Cousins

Bus 002 4 Cousins

Bus 006 5 Cousins

Bus 011 6 Cousins

Bus 003 7 Cousins

Bus 010 8 Cousins

Bus 007 9 Cousins

Bus 015 10 Cousins

Bus 013 11 Cousins

Bus 008 12 Cousins

Bus 014 13 Cousins

I love this session.  I feel like this was the easiest session ever- out of the car comes the most beautiful family ever. That dress, amazing. At a beautiful beach in Laguna with even more beautiful light. And it was so easy because this family just had this connection, and it shows in every shot.

V Collage WEB Sneak Peek of a Gorgeous Family at a Gorgeous beach