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Wanted to share a couple of shots from some recent sessions.

A few more of Kayla.

Kayla2UpWEB Beautiful Things  Kiddo Edition

 Braden with his gorgeous brown eyes.

BradenWEB Beautiful Things  Kiddo Edition


Sweet little one year old Gigi. One year olds keep me on my toes.

GigiWEB Beautiful Things  Kiddo Edition

A friend recently told me she was looking forward to see Easter pictures of my own kiddos and I had to admit I’ve been so busy I haven’t taken any. So feeling guilty, as if when my kids are grown they’ll look through their baby books and say “where’s my Easter 2012 pictures, don’t you love me?!”, we pulled out the eggs, tulips and bunny for one last time.  And this wasn’t easy. I’ve said before my kids cannot stand me taking their pictures anymore. I figure getting good faces out of these two is the best practice I can get. The older one said “ok, one minute”, and sat down for maybe thirty seconds. And the babes won’t even look at my camera at all, she is not having it. So this was the result of my niece, nephew and three other neighborhood kids standing behind me jumping up and down, sticking out their tongues and making faces. And we’re going with it.

EasterCollage WEB My Easter Minis   Temecula Child Photographer

Here is another one from the Easter Sessions I just couldn’t resist. I couldn’t wait to take pictures of Chloe. She is so shy she’ll peek out at you from behind her mommy’s legs. So I was determined. She was being such a good girl and trying so hard too. When she picked up my nephew’s bunny, Bunny Whiskers, she gave him a big hug and then she opened up. Can’t wait to show you the rest.

ChloeWEB sized So Sweet   Temecula Family Photographer

I’m busy, busy editing the Easter Mini sessions but I couldn’t resist playing around with this picture of Kayla from today. She is breath taking, my goodness!

Kayla DreamyWEBSized Dreamy....  Temecula Family Photographers

There is a house down the street where the entire front and back lawn is all daisies. It’s probably an acre of  those gorgeous big, orange yellow flowers. And I’ve made friends with the sweet little ole’ lady who lives there. But every time I decide to pack up the kids- mine or even someone elses- the daisies are never open. The little ole’ lady gives me a sad look and shakes her head but this day I decided we’re not leaving with out some pictures. And these two are nearly impossible to shoot. They’re over it. Mommy pulls out the camera and they scatter. I can usually beg and beg the older one for a couple but the babes is not having it.

FL 1 The Kiddos. But No Flowers.

FL 2 The Kiddos. But No Flowers.

FL 3 The Kiddos. But No Flowers.

FL 4 The Kiddos. But No Flowers.

FL 5 The Kiddos. But No Flowers.

FL 6 The Kiddos. But No Flowers.

FL 7 The Kiddos. But No Flowers.

Here is the second of three set ups for Mackenzie’s first birthday. Adorable one year old and a cupcake in a vintage high chair. She was so calm and neat too. We didn’t want to have her destroy the cute little shirt her mom brought but no need, she was a perfect little lady.

CupcakeWEB Collage Little Cupcake!   Temecula Children Photographers

And I couldn’t resist these teeny tiny little painted toes.

CupcakeWEB Feet Little Cupcake!   Temecula Children Photographers

Mackenzie is turning one and for her birthday we did three different set ups. Here is her first one as a little lady bug, wood nymph. It turned out exactly as we hoped it would, especially with a not quite one year old kiddo.

Ladybug 002WEB 1 Little Lady is Turning One!

LadyBug CUWEB 2 Little Lady is Turning One!

LadyBug 001WEB 3 Little Lady is Turning One!

LadyBug 003WEB 4 Little Lady is Turning One!

LadyBug 007WEB 5 Little Lady is Turning One!

Ladybug 004WEB 6 Little Lady is Turning One!

LadyBug 006WEB 7 Little Lady is Turning One!

LadyBug 005WEB 8 Little Lady is Turning One!

March 8, 2012 Horse Girls

I have a secret love of horses. I also love kids who ride horses. There is something so enchanting about these small, sweet little things who have absolutely no fear. I think it’s because I took riding lessons at the ripe old age of twenty seven and I was a little intimidated by these beautiful, massive creatures.

These two sisters were truly amazing. They have nine horses in their back yard and have been riding practically since they were born. They’re like little acrobats on their horses, Thunder and Magic. I loved this session. It was almost magical.

Meet Kolbi and Kyli

GirlsChair Horse Girls



Kyli 2Horse WEB1 Horse Girls


HorseGirls WEB231 Horse Girls

HorseGirlsWEB4 Horse Girls

HorseGirls1011 647x1024 Horse Girls

HorseGirls7 Horse Girls


HorseGirlsWEB89 Horse Girls


HorseGirlsWEB56 Horse Girls

HorseGirlsWEB12 Horse Girls

HorseGirlsWEB13 Horse Girls

HorseGirlsWEB14 Horse Girls

And I had to include this one too. Caught this when she wasn’t looking.

HorseGirlsWEB15 Horse Girls

So once again here are a couple of pretty pix. I am by no means a nature photographer but I was kind of frustrated last week with myself and just wanted to shoot something that wasn’t moving. I think I’m my own worst critic and I need to get over that. The Rose Society Garden is so beautiful too.  I added some textures and this is what I came up with.

Spring is coming!

Daffodil WEB Beautiful Things  Textures


Cactus WEB Beautiful Things  Textures

Nigel in a tree

Sit Tree WEB Beautiful Things  Textures


 Water Lilies

WaterLilies WEB2 Beautiful Things  Textures


March 5, 2012 Nigel “The Kid”

Nigel is turning five! My sister Shaka, who is the other half of Stephanie Matthew Photography, and the very talented and creative half I might add, created this card. He is really into cowboys right now so we headed over to one of our favorite places, Green Acres Ranch, and took some classic shots of him.

Stephanie Matthew West card Nigel The Kid

Here is another one I love.

NigelCowboy Nigel The Kid



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