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Easter blog ad3 Spring Mini Session Info is here!


Eastertextfix Spring Mini Session Info is here!


February 24, 2012 Easter Mini Sessions!!!

We’re so excited to show you the adorable set up for the Easter Mini Sessions!

Easter mini2 Easter Mini Sessions!!!

One of my favorite blogs is Lou, Boos, and Shoes. Every once in a while she will have her “things of beauty”. Just a bunch of photos of beautiful, inspiring images for the week. I thought I would start doing a version too, of little things that made me smile or a picture I can’t forget. This week is related to an earlier post about taking pictures of people’s backs. Beauty in the subtlety, I suppose. Also it will help me practice some still shots. 

We call this pokey tree. I don’t even know what it’s really called.

BT Pokey1 Beautiful Things   Back Edition


The Three of Us.

BT 3Backs2 Beautiful Things   Back Edition

I was so mad when she took off her shoes on a freezing day to play in the mud. But I took a deep breath and found the beauty in the bare feet and splashes.

BT Feet3 Beautiful Things   Back Edition


Another shot of the “running away with suitcase” I put in the not good enough folder but I love. Again, the back, but I love how it looks like the suitcase is really heavy but it doesn’t matter because she’s on the run.

BT Suitcase4 Beautiful Things   Back Edition

I just love this one of mother and son.

BT MotherSon 5 Beautiful Things   Back Edition


Shaka’s back in the sun.

BT ShakaSun 6 Beautiful Things   Back Edition

February 21, 2012 A Little Sunshine…..

Ear infections, coughing, runny noses, antibiotics, probiotics, sleepless nights. That has been my world the last week or so. I took these the other day when the girls were well and they’re making me happy so I thought I’d share.

I was talking to a friend the other day about pictures like this, of the back of your kid, or them running away from you. Some people don’t like them. I do though. My friend and I agreed that this is what we see a lot as moms. This is a wonderful memory to have, them off and going.

Z SunRun WEB A Little Sunshine.....

And this little smile gets me every time. Getting herself stuck in the branches.

Kaya SmileSticks WEB A Little Sunshine.....

I had such a good time with these three sisters.They were amazing too. It started off as such a beautiful sunny day and as soon as we started shooting the clouds came in from the coast and all of a sudden it was freezing. I mean wrapped in blankets, goosebumps freezing. But you wouldn’t even know it with these girls. They turned it on.

All Ribbons TextureWEB Three Sisters   Temecula Family Photographers

Coryn is the oldest. Her personality is as sweet as her smile.

Coryn CollageWEB Three Sisters   Temecula Family Photographers

Laurelle, with her awesome pigeon toed poses, is twelve. Insane right? I love love pigeon toes in pictures, totally weird and I don’t know why.

Laurelle CollageWEB Three Sisters   Temecula Family Photographers

And Kitana, the princess baby girl. Kitana is the complete opposite of my wild child. She is quiet and shy, she walks next to her mom instead of running full blown ahead without looking back. Such a different experience. Kitana was awesome. She was so cold. Her sister’s were wrapping her up, keeping her warm and as soon as the camera came out it was all smiles. Love it.

Kitana CollageWEB Three Sisters   Temecula Family Photographers

February 16, 2012 Dandelions

I’m part of a photo group on Flikr where we are given a different theme every week for a year and then we go out and shoot according to that theme. Pictures have to be new every week so we constantly have to think of new ways to be creative. This week’s theme is “Pretty Ugly- finding beauty in the unexpected” 

I’ve been noticing lots of dandelions everywhere. My mom never liked it when I blew on dandelion flowers in our yard when I was little but it’s probably one of a child’s favorite things to do. 

This is the picture I submitted. The second shot is my fav. I love that it worked out. When I was looking through my viewfinder and focusing on the individual puffs (what I call them anyways. Ant parachutes?) I got so excited.

Dandelion Collage WEB Dandelions



I had to include the babes too. She loves all flowers, even ones that are considered weeds.
KayaDandelion CollageWEB Dandelions

February 13, 2012 Valentine’s Day Card


This year we decided to make our Valentine’s Day cards.  With an amazing photographer in the family, how could I not take advantage of her skills?  Sorry if I’m confusing you, this is Shaka, Stephanie’s sister, and partner in crime.  Where was I?  Oh yes, the Valentine’s…  Steph saw an idea for a photo card with kids holding out a lollipop; I’m sure you’ve probably seen them all over Pinterest and family craft sites too!  We decided to take it to a slightly less casual level, dressed the kids up in their Valentine’s Day finest, and took some pictures of them holding a giant lollipop stick (pvc pipe).  I designed the cards one afternoon and got the kids involved inserting the lollipops into holes we cut in the pictures.  I think the kids at school tomorrow will love these cards!  Thanks Stephanie!

Valentine lollipop girl Valentines Day Card

Valentine lollipop1 Valentines Day Card

February 12, 2012 Valentine’s Cuties

My baby has her first stomach bug, the poor thing, so it’s a mellow pajama day today. I had just enough time to sneak away and post these little cutie pies.

Gigi Blog Valentines Cuties

CarsonValentine Blog Valentines Cuties

February 9, 2012 Running Away.

My sister and I recently got a whole bunch of antique props. Prams, a highchair- so much cool stuff. We recently discovered the antique malls here in town. There are tons of them too. One of my favs is this old suitcase.

Getting Zoe to sit still and pose for me is so hard, don’t let these shots fool you. I was looking for a road to get that I’m running away from home with my old timey suitcase look and right next to this road was a huge hill. I saw her eyes light up as soon as she saw this hill too. So she goes running instantly up the thing. And of course slides down with her white tights and cute little dress. So it went pose, run up the hill, pose, run up the hill, pose.

ZoeSuitcaseCollage Blog Running Away.

February 8, 2012 Prop Love.

I had a cancellation the other day so I grabbed Nigel and this vintage plane and went to my new favorite spot down the street. I love props with kids. It gives them something to play with and you can let them loose while you capture them doing what kids do- just having fun.

Nigel was a pretty good sport too. All it took was a little bribery. I think he said sixty hundred cookies was what he wanted. And hey, I’m not above a little bribery every once in a while. He got a cookie (not sixty hundred) and I got these beautiful shots.

Nigel Plane Collage1 Prop Love.

Nigel Plane Collage2 Prop Love.

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